Dr. Richard D. Baer, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Dr. Baer was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. He attended Towson State College and received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1968. After graduation, he worked with autistic children at the Kennedy Institute, a program of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 1972, he moved to Utah to attend Utah State University where he received a master’s degree in Psychology in 1975 and a Ph.D. in psychology in 1978. In 1978-79, Dr. Baer joined the Special Education faculty at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville where he conducted a statewide needs assessment of the needs of autistic children and their families. The following year he returned to Utah to work for the Utah Division of Services for People With Disabilities running a program for autistic children. In 1980 Dr. Baer returned to Utah State University to work for the Center for Persons with Disabilities. There he had a 28-year career during which he eventually became the center's Director of Outreach, Development, and Dissemination. Dr. Baer worked as a grant writer and researcher. At various times his career, emphasized behavior analysis, psychological assessment, programs for adults, children, and native Americans with disabilities, program evaluation, assistive technology, and violence toward people with disabilities among other things. In 2008 Dr. Baer took early retirement from the university to run Life-Skills & Individual Needs Center. In addition, he continues to work with the Utah State Office of Education to maintain and improve Estimator, a software program that helps in the identification of children with learning disabilities.

Christine Wilkerson
Services Director

Chris has been with LINC for 23 years. She has done it all, including job coach and development, supported living supervisor, day program trainer, respite program development/management and recreation coordinator. As Services Manager, Chris oversees all staff as well as participant programs. She and her daughter Mary are on a waiting list for a skilled companion/facility dog for LINC.

In her off hours, Chris enjoys doing just about anything in the outdoors and with animals. She enjoys camping, hiking, and gardening. She is often with her friends from LINC. Chris would love to hear from you!

Direct Support Staff

We at Linc know that our participants are the most important part of our job. Our purpose is to provide a safe and caring environment while helping people to learn and develop new skills and have positive experiences daily. Staff is hired to provide these goals and also to maintain the state of Utah required paperwork. Social experiences are very important for all people. We access our community regularly and work hard to integrate our participants into mainstream society. Our staff are excellent role-models and teachers. They are hired for these strengths.