Services Provided

Day Supports

This program promotes ongoing development and maintenance of skills necessary to reside successfully in home, work, and community settings. Day supports are designed for those individuals 22 years and older. LINC also offers supports for those individuals who are retirement age.

Supported Employment

Supported employment services are designed to help participants based on their needs to obtain, maintain, or advance in competitive employment in integrated work settings. This service provides job development, placement, and intensive on the job training either individually or in a group.


Transportation to and from LINC is provided to those who are funded through DSPD or at a private pay rate.

Respite/Family Support

Respite is a support given to participants unable to care for themselves. Caregivers sometimes need time for themselves, (I.e. going to the doctor, grocery shopping, etc.) and respite provides the caregiver that opportunity. LINC provides respite in the form of weekly activities.

  • Createability – A theater arts group that meets once a week to develop/maintain skills such as coordination, speaking and singing. This group has performed all over the state taking LINC’s message of inclusion to all.
  • Gals/Guys Group - A recreation based activity program for those living in their own homes or family settings. Participants enjoy all types of activities in the community.
  • Friday Night Fun - Just what it says! Outings in the community or “at home” at LINC with friends. Activities are chosen by participants.
  • Individual Respite - Provided on an as needed basis. Call to arrange times, dates, etc.

Supported Living

Supported living assists participants to gain and/or maintain skills to live as independently as possible in a community or family home setting. Services are tailored to be flexible and to meet the participant’s needs. This includes direct support services such as meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing, and/or personal hygiene as well as indirect services such as socialization and self-help skills necessary to reside successfully in the community.

Summer Day Program

Summer day program is intended to facilitate independence and promote community inclusion and contribution for children and youth under the age of 22. This program is designed to continue the development and maintenance of skills necessary to reside successfully in the home and community settings.