Amanda is our comic relief. She’s always joking around and making sure we’re on our toes. She enjoys her games on her iPad. Amanda is a great helper at our facility. She’s eager to assist staff with anything we ask of her.


Bobbi likes to make sure we’re all ok. She’s invested in everyone’s well-being. She has worked for the school system for many years. She loves working.


Brooke is our fashionista. She’s always dressed to the 9’s. She is interested in dolls and mothering clients. She is well versed in high quality brand name clothing and baby items. She’s always happy to help wherever we need her.


Colleen is all of 5 foot nothing. She’s a pleasure to work with. She loves her 50’s music and a little bit of rock and roll. She is non-verbal, but is happy to answer yes and no questions. She is visually impaired and has some hip movement issues, but boy can she dance with assistance.


Devan works for the school system. He passes out lunches for an elementary school. He’s amazing at his job and all the kids love talking to him. He’s an amazing singer and loves to learn guitar and harmonica from our staff, Erick.


Donald likes to be reminded that swearing is not appropriate in our facility. But we secretly giggle at his antics anyway. We are either a “grandma” or “grandpa” in his eyes. We are all older than dirt, even though he’s probably older than the majority of us. He’s always happy to participate in any project we give him. And we can never forget the salt and pepper at his lunch table.


Donny is one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Nothing gets him down except the snow. He’s not a fan of it. He’s one of our best seamstresses and is always happy to assist us in making hammocks to sell online. Staff is always prepared to be asked how we are doing? He’s very kind.


Jane comes with many names. Some of her favorites are: Jany Painy, Cat in the hat, The cat’s meow, Sly fox and Princess. She is excellent at math, handwriting and secretarial skills. She helps out wherever she can. And she’s always making sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to. She also makes sure the portable heater in the office is in tip top shape.

Jessica D

Jessica is our top notch crafts maker. She can do anything. She makes her own crafts on the side for just about everyone. We always know what to get her for Christmas; it’s always craftwork related and she grins from ear to ear no matter what it is. Jessica is our shining beacon of happiness. She doesn’t care who you are, she loves you still the same.

Jessica G

Jessica is one of those good people you can’t hold in one place. She is a busy body and extreme extrovert. She loves her dolls and anything Frozen movie related. When we can get her to sit still, she makes amazing crafts.


Jonathon cares about everyone. He’s diligent to make sure we’re all happy. We can put him to work anywhere on his own and we know that the job will get done. He’s eager to please and has a quiet, caring voice. If you ever hear him raise his voice, be surprised. It’s not in his nature.


Karl keeps us all on our toes. If we want something recycled aka broken, we give it to Karl. He came into our day program with anxiety, screaming, breaking everything, etc. With gentle, positive behavior pattern techniques, he’s our “little man”. We still give him things to “recycle” because he’s the best at it. He has come a long way since the first day we brought him in. He’s our official “fish feeder” in the mornings. He’s always asking for a job to do. He’s become quite the extrovert now that he’s comfortable signing more often. We can’t begin to tell you how many lives he’s affected for the better. He scared a lot of staff at first. But with Chris’ guidance and a lot of creative outlets, he’s a teddy bear.


Kent is our gentle giant. 6’4” and skinny as a rail. He’s always looking for “man” work with Ardell. He is our official cleaner for the warehouse and office space. He is eager to learn anything we can teach him, so long as it involves a power tool or a machine. No girly, crafty stuff for our Kent; only man tools. He’s always available to hammer a nail into a wall.


Always asking questions. She’s great in classes, because she interacts so well. She’s eager to help in the warehouse and office too. There’s no job too small for Kyanne. She gets very excited to accomplish and finish a goal.


Lane is very active. He loves to kick a ball around the facility. He gives high fives every chance he gets. He’s hard of hearing, so he exercises our vocal cords when he asks how to perform tasks.


This little one NEVER sits down! She can run laps around 10 of us! She is the reason we have a service dog named Porter. I think she keeps him busy too. She is never unhappy to do a project or chore. In fact, cleaning is her forte’. She is employed to clean many areas of the day program facility. We can always rely on her first thing in the morning to clean the women’s bathroom.

Michelle B

If we could have a resident massage therapist in the facility, Michelle would be our girl. Her hands are always gentle with a mothering touch. She is very creative with her crafts. We always look forward to what she will make next. She’s always ready to give a hug when it’s needed.

Michelle Br

Michelle is our quiet one. She’s never in a bad mood and always happy to help where she is asked. She has chickens at home that all have names. She shows us pictures of them often. She is our resident dinosaur history guru. She’s fluent on the internet.


Mike is guaranteed to give you high fives every morning and tell you you’re crazy. We always happily agree with him. He loves to help and you are ALWAYS his best friend from the first time he meets you.


Nathan is almost as soft spoken as his brother, Jonathon. He’s married to Michelle B. He is employed at a local restaurant. He has one kid and two cats. He is always happy to shine his pearly whites at you.


Richard came to us in a wheelchair with a TBI. He wasn’t always like that. He used to be an artist and race cars. He’s happy to have a conversation with you, but it’s a slow process. He lives life on his terms and in his time. He usually has a good day, but sometimes his TBI creates seizures. We let him take it easy on those days. He’s touched many lives with his kindness and humour.


Ricky is our local trouble maker. Ok, not really. He loves to crack jokes and harass the staff. He’s eager to learn anything we throw at him. There’s no job he can’t do and no staff he doesn’t harass.


Robert is so quiet and gentle; we often have to generate a conversation with him. Rosie is “his girlfriend and he’s never going to leave her”. He’s quite the affectionate romantic with her. It warms all our hearts; especially hers. He’s our resident male restroom janitor. He works hard at his cross word puzzles too.


Rosalie aka Rosie is our resident pampered princess. And she deserves it. She is always happy to see her friends and staff at LINC. She has an amazing gift with drawing beautiful pieces of artwork. If we let her, that’s all she would do. Luckily, we recognize her other gifts of cleaning and joking around with her friends. So, we encourage it as well.


There is no other person quite as skilled at turning a frown into a smile in .3 milliseconds. She can be mad one second and directed by a staff to find her happiness and she’s found it before we can open our mouths. She loves Sponge Bob and Jesus. She loves all of her staff too. She’s our quickest runner when we are doing our exercises.


Susan is talented with crafts. She also has a cat that she recently adopted. This cat gets to try out our pet products specific to cats. She is always happy to cheer people up. We love her dynamic personality. She never has anything bad to say about anyone.


If organization had a middle name, it would be Vonnie. Our facilities stay spotless because of her uncanny ability to spot the slightest imperfections. Vonnie is blessed to notice things others don’t. If a table is out of place, she will fix it. Her anxiety is a gift in our neck of the woods. We utilize it and help her see it as something good, not bad. She is observant of everyone’s life and is quick to conversate about your activities. We love that about her.


Aka, King Will. He has his own couch and everything. He’s keen to ask for pop and on Wednesdays, he gets to have some. He sleeps a lot, so we don’t ask too much of him. He loves story time with Linda or Dorthy. When he is awake, he likes to wander the halls with a staff member.