Our Story

LINC is a provider of community based services for people with intellectual and other disabilities in Box Elder and Davis counties. Our participants are funded through programs provided by the Utah Division of Services for People With Disabilities (DSPD), State of Utah office of Rehabilitation, and private pay.


In the state of Utah, about 33% of the adults who have disabilities, struggle to find funding to support employment and community activities. Many have such severe disabilities, that traditional opportunities just don’t exist.

Number 1

Every day, a parent is put into the situation of watching their child graduate from high school and move into the real world, to live on their own. Some parents don’t have that opportunity. Adults who have disabilities are sent out of the school system and have very few options to get out into their communities and keep learning. Parents are left to care for them for the rest of THEIR lives.

Number 2

LINC is a place where individuals who have disabilities can come and gain self-esteem and self-worth in a positive and productive environment. We teach social skills, money skills and communication skills to help our clients. We teach daily living skills and encourage the acquisition of new skills and hobbies. We teach job development skills and assist our participants to obtain and succeed at jobs in our community.

Number 3

Funding for our friends at LINC is a very long process to go through, and more often than not, leads to turning down people who desire to join our programs. People who really need our programs. We are simply running out of government funded resources.

Number 4

To add to the financial stresses we at LINC face every day, the state is moving towards an employment based ONLY mode for our people. This creates problems for those who do not have the physical stamina or skills required by employers to carry on a 40 hour work week.